Jewelry Trends for Spring 2016

Jewelry Trends for Spring 2016

Wondering what the latest jewelry trends will be this spring? Read on for the latest jewelry trends based on red carpet looks, runway fashions, and jewelry and gemstone offerings from around the world, courtesy of

Artistic side with asymmetry. Artistic, graceful and flowing, asymmetry is one of jewelry’s coolest and most creative trends. From mismatched earrings to trails of tiny stones and modern cluster styles, show off your inner artiste this spring.

Black and whitealways in style. Based on the rock-star-chic styles coming out of the spring Paris Fashion Week shows, the classic color combination of black and white will be seen this spring, specifically in Art Deco–inspired jewels, enamel, and silver or white gold with rhodium effects.

Cool and versatile: Studs and earring jackets. Take your earring studs to the next level this spring with the addition of earring jackets. Not only are these shaping up to be a jewelry fan favorite, they are available in a wide range of styles and prices.

Ethically sourced is better. More designers are getting involved by using recycled metals and ethically obtained stones. Support this effort by buying from jewelry companies who make pieces with ethically sourced materials.

Fancy cut diamonds — always in style. Do fancy cut diamonds ever really go out of style? This spring, they’re hotter than ever as evidenced by the modern cluster styles from designers such as Ilana Ariel and Ruth Tomlinson.

Feminine is in this spring. This spring, feminine looks such as ruffles and lingerie and motifs such as flowers will be seen, so pair them with equally feminine jewelry. Try cabochons, fringe, bows, tiny charms, and sweetly styled shapes such as half-moons.

Gray, yes gray.Gray jewelry is the perfect complement to Pantone’s colors of the year rose quartz (light pink) and serenity (light blue). When wearing clothing in these pretty pastel colors, look for gray jewelry, by way of silver, platinum, white gold, and palladium, as well as gray diamonds and milky stones such as moonstone and labradorite.

Layers of gold. Don’t you agree that some jewelry pieces just look better in gold? When gold prices are more reasonable, why not go for a layered statement look in a richer metal? When layering, go for a graduated effect — delicate shorter necklaces with slightly chunkier, longer necklaces.

Oversize earrings at the Oscars. If you watched the Golden Globes and SAG awards, you may have noticed that larger statement earrings were on display. Spruce up your springtime outfits, from simple white shirts to tops with intricate necklines.

Stack up on stacking rings. Fun and cost-effective, stacking rings come in a wide variety of styles with unique textures, finishes, and colors.

Statement necklaces for spring.Thanks to their appearance at recent award shows, chokers and other statement necklaces will continue to be a hot commodity this spring. When you dress for warmer weather — in maxi dresses, tanks, and lightweight denim — pair them with a statement piece around the collar.



Whimsical jewelry! Jewelry doesn’t have to be conservative and stuffy. This spring, have fun with more whimsical styles, like cutesy word jewels, and even rainbow color combinations.

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