Are Pawn Shops Expensive?

Are Pawn Shops Expensive?


There are so many choices when it comes to shopping. Between the internet and retail stores, you can find anything. Being a smart shopper requires being familiar with all these different venues as well as knowing where something is likely to be less expensive.

E-commerce offers the convenience of shopping from home, but a drawback can be that it takes a few days – and sometimes longer – for an item to arrive. Malls have varied selections, but they can be expensive in comparison to the other options.

Pawn shops offer a lower ticket price and an instant purchase. You can get jewelry, tools, Video Game systems, electronics, and more at a fraction of retail price. On top of that, you can negotiate price. If you’re looking for a inexpensive  alternative to malls, and a faster service than e-commerce, pawn shops are the way to go.



You can expect to save as much as 80% off of Retail prices at the Pawn shop!  Average discounts are 50-60% less then traditional retail store prices.

Stop by Garden City Pawn anytime to take a look at some great deals on gently used items priced at far below the retail super stores!




As Always Garden City Pawn will make the Highest and Best Cash offer we possibly can on each and every item that comes into our store. Don’t Hesitate to call or Text us anytime if you have something to sell.  Stop by and see me anytime. – Tom
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