Buy. Sell. Pawn.


We will pay you cash on the spot for your items of value.


We re-sell great merchandise for rates significantly less than retail.


We will provide a secured loan* with your item(s) of value as collateral.


Pawn Loans are very easy
No Background Checks Required
No Credit Checks Required
All items are kept Safe & Secure

At Garden City Pawn we offer 90 Day Renewable Pawn loans secured against items of value.

Everywhere you go you see billboards, signs and advertisements about selling your gold. At Garden City Pawn, we strive to buy your gold at the highest price in town. The Top 5 items we take in are Gold/Diamond jewelry, Apple products & other electronics, video game systems, Luxury Watches & High end handbags. We also take in select tools. We can get you any amount of money you need & we pay top dollar for these items.

Aside the Top 5 we are also Coin Dealers, We buy and sell US Minted Silver & Gold Coins, rare coins including all bullion including Silver/Gold bars, or any US coins dated 1964 and older.

Top 5 Items we Buy & Pawn:



The list of merchandise that we buy and sell is extensive. To make it easy on you, we’ve compiled a brief list. Please keep in mind that we purchase MOST items of value and are NOT limited to the following categories.


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