Designer Shoes for Less at Garden City Pawn

Are you searching for Air Jordans?

Do you collect Jordans? Want a way to get your favorite designer kicks for less?

Or are you looking for some quick cash and want to see what your gently-used Jordans are worth?


Whether you’re looking to complete your collection or looking to sell a pair of your gently-used luxury brand shoes– come see us at Garden City Pawn!

People love to get the biggest and best brands – especially if they can save some money. Your designer shoes may be in demand! Bring in your designer shoes and leave with some extra cash in your pocket. Your sale price will depend on the type of shoe, condition, and the demand for that particular release. If they’re in high demand, a pawn shop may be willing to pay good money for a pair of gently-used Jordans or other collectable sneaker.

Should You Pawn or Sell Jordans for Cash?

Bringing your shoes to a pawn shop near you is a great way to get a decent value for your items and leave the store with cash in hand.

What to Do Before You Sell Your Jordans?

Before you head to a pawn shop, look at them first, and assess the condition and answer these questions:

  1. Do your sneakers smell? Are they marked up with scuffs or other damage? Clean your shoes and consider conditioning them if applicable.
  2. Do you know exactly what year and style Jordans you have? The more information you offer your pawn shop, the easier it will be for them to determine the value of your item.
  3. Still have the box or original wrapping? This can increase what the pawn shop is willing to offer you!


Not sure if you can sell or pawn an item?

If you’re curious about the value of something – bring it in and we’ll take a look at it. After a thorough evaluation, we’ll tell you your item’s value and give you an offer – or discuss your loan options. If you have several items – save time and Send A Picture and description or TEXT US pictures of your items and we’ll give you a fast, free estimate!

If you have any questions, call 734-525-0777 today.

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