How to Sell Your Macbook to a Pawn Shop


Here’s a quick informative Video from your friends at Garden City Pawn on How to sell your Macbook or any other Laptop to a Pawn Shop Especially if you are local to Metro Detroit.





Can I sell my Apple Macbook to a Pawn Shop?

Yes!  We love Macbooks.  We buy, Sell & Loan on them every day @ Garden City Pawn

Here is a short list of pointers for our customers for when it comes time to sell or pawn/Loan your Macbook

#1  Please Bring the Charger in with it, of course we need the charger.  Its probably the number one item to consider when selling a laptop or Macbook. We need to be able to charge it up.

#2 Please clean your Macbook as good as possible, wipe off all finger prints or any accumulated gunk off the screen and covers  Its a good idea to make it look as new as possible to get the highest amount.

#3 Sign out of iCloud & Itunes accounts & All other Passwords.  Remove any personal information that you can.  If you are unable to remove your information we can handle that for you usually.

#4  Macbooks hold excellent resale value and we can take them up to 5 years old and newer usually.


If you have one you’d like to sell or get a pawn loan on please reach out to us Via Our Facebook page or on our website


You can Also text us for a Quick Quote at: 313.215.6986

Please send a few pictures and the serial number for the most accurate price quote!




At Garden City Pawn we offer the lowest loan rates for Pawn Customers.  We offer 90 Day loans @ 3% per month.  If you live in area and have a need for cash we are here for you 6 days a week.  We are centrally located in the city of Garden City.   Our address is 32555 Ford Road with  easy access from Wayne Road, Warren Road, Michigan avenue, 275 & Telegraph.  Check out our website for more details. or call now 734-525-0777 with any questions.

The list of merchandise that we buy and sell is extensive. To make it easy on you, we’ve compiled a brief list. Please keep in mind that we purchase MOST items of value and are NOT limited to the following categories.


Please call 734-525-0777, Text 313.215.6986 or Email with any questions. We are here 6 days a week & we make it easy!

As Always Garden City Pawn will make the Highest and Best Cash offer we possibly can on each and every item that comes into our store. Don’t Hesitate to call or Text us anytime if you have something to sell or Pawn!  -Tom

Call:  734-525-0777   |   Text: 313.215.6986


  1. Amy says:


    I have old mac equipment I’m trying to get rid of. An iPad that won’t hold a charge, cracked iPhone 6, macbook with water damage that won’t turn on, and power adapter that is brand new.

    Would you be interested in these items?



  2. ronald jones says:

    how will i get payment not in the same state

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