Pawn Loans Are Easy & Simple!

Did some unexpected expenses crop up in your life?

Have you ever tried getting a pawn loan to get the cash you need?

Don’t turn to shady payday loans. If you’ve got items of value for collateral, a pawnshop loan offers a better value without predatory interest rates.

How do pawn loans work?

We’ll provide a secured load with your item(s) of value as collateral. If you’ve got fine gold, jewelry, or electronics, these high-value items can act as collateral for your loan.

What item can I pawn?

You can pawn pretty much anything. Items vary by store and location, but high-demand items typically include:

  • Apple products – iPhones, MacBook laptops etc.

  • Musical instruments

  • Jewelry

  • Designer handbags and shoes

After we’ve accurately assessed your items and valued them, we’ll be able to make an offer.

How much interest will be charged?

Secure a low interest pawn loan at Garden City Pawn at 3% per month. First time customer? Bring your Driver’s License or State ID card and we’ll offer you 0% interest for the first 30 days of your loan.

What happens if I don’t repay the pawn loan?

We’ll give you 90 days plus a grace period after the due date to redeem your items or extend the loan. If you choose not to redeem or extend your loan, the items will come out for sale after the grace period ends. Our team will then clean and test the products and put them up for sale in our store and online.

What’s the Story Behind Pawn Stores Near Me?

Garden City Pawn is an honest, friendly, and licensed pawnbroker. We treat customers with respect and integrity and value honesty and follow all state and federal laws pertaining to pawnbrokers. We are one of the only licensed pawnbrokers in our immediate area that does 3% pawn loans. We’re here for you!

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