Pawn Shop Hot Sellers

pawn shop hot sellers

So, you have made the decision to visit your local pawn shop to try and get some cash. Good for you! The question now, “What do you intend to pawn?” Many people are interested in pawning items to get money, but they just don’t know quite where to start. So, we are here to give you the low down on the hottest selling and most in demand items!

  1. Gold. Plain and simple, precious metals will get you cash, with gold being at the top of the list. This is great for many people with a lot of old jewelry that they no longer wear or other items like antique silverware, plates, ect. around the house.
  1. Antique jewelry and diamonds. When you visit a pawn shop, you will usually see jewelry of all kinds as well as diamonds in the display case. These are items that can get you cash and are also good sellers for the pawn shop.
  1. Rolex watches. In the same category as jewelry, Rolexes are a hot commodity and usually fetch a pretty good sum of money depending on the style and condition of the watch.
  1. Wii Systems, Xbox, iPads, iPhones. As is typical for our society, the latest thing is the hottest thing. People want the most recently released electronics on the market. So, these items will fetch you a good price.
  1. Guns. With the recent politics surrounding guns, the demand for them has certainly increased. Assault rifles, shotguns, and hand guns are all good commodities to pawn.
  1. Musical instruments. The best selling musical instruments are guitars and amplifiers. However, just about any instrument is worth taking in. Most will get you are pretty decent loan.
  1. TVs. The bigger, the better. Large, late model plasma TVs will usually get a good amount at a pawn shop.
  1. Power Tools. People are always looking for a bargain. And if they can get that coveted power tool for about 50 percent less than they could at a local hardware store, they will. Therefore, many more contractors are pawning there tools for some quick cash.

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