Spring is Almost Here, Lets get those Bikes out!

Spring is almost here & we’ve been hording Bicycles all winter. Check out our Facebook page for proof: GCE FB!  I’m not going to lie to you guys we actually have a mild obession with bikes. We started buying and selling Vintage Road Bikes last fall and its been going strong ever since.  It’s been alot of fun.  We even did a little American Pickers and went out to an old timers house and picked through his garage & basement.  We found a couple cools pieces, and early 80’s trek and a nice French Puegot.  These bikes usually need a little TLC so we have been replacing tires, tubes, seats and Handle bar wraps.  All in a days work getting them ready for resale again.  Its definitely is a change of pace from the normal tasks of testing video game systems and Tv’s.   Please bring us those old Treks, Italian Colnagos and other cool Vintage Roadies!



We’re a little partial to road bikes because the guys here are into road riding.  You can usually find us @ Slow Roll in downtown Detroit on Monday nights in the Summer. This event is filled with every type of bike emagineable.  If you’re into cycling you’ve got to get down there!  They do a “Slow Roll” through detroit at about 10mph for around a 10 mile long circle.  Good Times.   Here’s a shot of the crew down there last spring.

But don’t be fooled we deal in all kinds of Bikes.  Mens, Ladies, Kids.  Mountain, Hybrid, Crusiers,  Old School Schwinns & Low Riders.  I’m sure there’s more.  By the end of March we should have probably around 50 bikes out for sale. So Please check out GardenCityPawn.com, stop by, call or Text if you are looking to get outside and enjoy the fresh air this spring on a new bike!






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