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closest pawn shop garden city MI

closest pawn shop garden city MI

Hey, Its Marcus from Garden City Pawn.  Did you know that you can Text a picture & short description to Garden City Pawn? Do this anytime Day or Night, for a quick ballpark Pawn Quote on your items that you would like to sell or Pawn.  This is a super quick and easy way to get an idea of what your stuff is worth.  No need to post on Facebook or Criagslist and wait to be stood up by your potential buyers.  We will get you quick cash today and it only takes a few minutes! Text us Anytime @ 313.215.6986.

closest pawn shop garden city MI


As always Garden City Exchange will make the Highest and Best Cash offer we possibly can on each and every item that comes into our store. Don’t Hesitate to call or Text us anytime if you have something to sell or Pawn!

Call:  734-525-0777   |   Text: 313.215.6986


Check out the video below..

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