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Cast Gold Bars

Two cast gold bars of different weights. isolated on a white background.

Monitor spot price for gold to make informed decisions when buying or selling. Crucial for informed investment choices.If it marks the plate/tile, it’s likely real gold as other metals won’t leave a similar markIf it marks the plate/tile, it’s likely real gold as other metals won’t leave a similar mark Gold bullion, coins, and scrap gold jewelry are a great way to invest.

The current price of gold is $1978.00 per ounce.

It may be a good time to consider selling your gold or building your gold investment portfolio.

Market forces of supply and demand determine the spot price, which reflects the current trading price of gold in global markets like the London Gold Market or the New York COMEX (Commodity Exchange). This spot price serves as a benchmark for pricing bullion products, such as bars and coins, and as a reference point for valuing other financial instruments like gold futures contracts and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

People Invest in Gold Bullion for Several Reasons:

  1. Store of value: Gold has been valued as a store of value for thousands of years. It is considered a safe-haven asset that can retain its purchasing power over time, even during periods of economic uncertainty or inflation.
  2. Diversification: Gold bullion can provide diversification benefits to an investment portfolio. It has a low correlation with other asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, which helps reduce the risk of a portfolio.
  3. Inflation hedge: Gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation. During periods of high inflation, the price of gold tends to rise as investors seek to protect the value of their investments.
  4. Liquidity: Bullion is a highly liquid asset, which can be easily bought and sold on the global market. This makes it an attractive investment option for investors who want to quickly access their money.
  5. Historical significance: It has played an important role in human history and has been considered a symbol of wealth and power for centuries. Some investors view owning physical gold as a way to connect with this historical significance and own a tangible piece of the world’s wealth.

Characteristics of Gold

24k Gold

24k gold is 99.9% pure. It won’t stick to a magnet, it won’t discolor, and it will scratch the ceramic tile. It is what spot price is based on. has not been mixed with any other materials, and is the purest of all gold types. Using it in jewelry is not common in the United States, as it is the most expensive form, and is not suitable for rings or wearable jewelry, since it is soft, prone to bending and scratching, and doesn’t retain its shape well. Its inability to hold its appearance over time also discourages its use in jewelry. However, it is frequently used to mint bullion bars and coins. The color of 24K gold is bright and orangish. With this, it is not attractive and doesn’t look as nice if used for wearable goods.

24k gold is the best purity to sell to a gold buyer if you are looking to make a lot of money and get instant cash.

18k Gold

18k gold is 75% pure and thus has 25% alloy materials, such as nickel and used for jewelry and everyday practical wear. It will scratch because it is still soft in nature. It is more yellow in color and more attractive compared to 24k gold. 18k gold is still expensive, and items made from 18k gold can be expensive.

14k Gold

Jewelry made with 14k gold is composed of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloys, which may include nickel, copper, silver, or zinc. It is popular in jewelry because it is durable and affordable. It doesn’t scratch as easily as 18k or 24k, and it will hold its shape well. Most bridal sets, engagement rings, and gold jewelry are made using 14k gold because of affordability, and a pleasing yellow appearance.

10k Gold

10k gold is 41.7% pure and has 58.3% alloys of nickel, copper, silver, and zinc. It’s durable and doesn’t scuff and scratch. It is affordable for most people, has an appealing pale yellow color, and used in wearable jewelry, and is a practical choice. Because it has less gold content, it will not bring as much money if you are selling to a reputable gold buyer compared to 24k.

The purity of gold can affect the price it is sold for. Gold bullion is typically sold by weight and purity, and the price per unit is based on the current market price for gold. The purity of gold is usually expressed in terms of its karat (or carat) value, which refers to the proportion of pure gold in the alloy.

The most common purities of gold are 24 karat (99.99% pure), 22 karat (91.67% pure), 18 karat (75% pure), and 14 karat (58.33% pure). Generally, the higher the karat value, the purer the gold, and the higher the price per unit. This is because purer gold is more valuable and rarer than lower-purity alloys.

Gold Coins

The Spot Price of Gold Bullion, Gold Coins, and Gold Bars

The spot price of gold refers to the current market price of gold for immediate settlement or delivery, which is typically quoted per ounce or per gram of pure gold.

It’s important to note that the spot price of is constantly changing due to fluctuations in market conditions, and can vary from day to day, or even from hour to hour. Monitor spot price for gold to make informed decisions when buying or selling. Crucial for informed investment choices.

We Buy Coins!

We Buy Coins!

What is the Difference Between Gold Bullion and Gold Coins?

Bullion refers to gold bars or ingots typically sold by weight and purity, and often used as a store of value or investment. Gold bullion can come in various weights and sizes, from small coins to large bars. The value of bullion is primarily based on the weight and purity of the gold itself.

A government or private mint typically produces gold coins, which can serve as currency or collectibles. Gold coins usually command a higher premium than bullion due to their rarity, history, and craftsmanship, even though they can be sold based on weight and purity. Moreover, coins can come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, and mints may produce them in limited editions or to commemorate events.


Gold Collectors Coin

There are several types of Gold Bullion Coins

There are many types of gold coins available, but some of the most popular and well-known coins include:

  1. American Gold Eagle: The American Eagle is a bullion coin minted by the United States Mint. It features a design of Lady Liberty on the obverse and a family of eagles on the reverse. The coin is made of 22-karat gold and comes in various sizes.
  2. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: The Canadian Maple Leaf is a bullion coin minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. It features a design of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a maple leaf on the reverse. The coin is made of 24-karat gold and comes in various sizes.
  3. South African Krugerrand: The South African Krugerrand is a bullion coin first minted in 1967. It features a design of Paul Kruger, a former president of the South African Republic, on the obverse and a springbok antelope on the reverse. The coin is made of 22-karat and comes in one size.
  4. Chinese Gold Panda: The Chinese Panda is a bullion coin minted by the People’s Bank of China. It features a design of a panda on the obverse and the Temple of Heaven on the reverse. The coin is made of 24-karat gold and comes in various sizes.
  5. British Gold Britannia: The British Britannia is a bullion coin minted by the Royal Mint. Features Britannia design on reverse, Queen Elizabeth II on obverse – symbolizing British strength and resilience.

With So Many Different Gold Buyers, How Can You Tell if Gold is Fake?

Magnet Test

Gold is one of the precious metals that can be difficult to tell if it is fake. A magnet test is one way to separate fake gold from pure gold, and it is not magnetic. When you place a strong magnet against the surface of your necklace or ring, it won’t move or stick. If it does, it is not


Jewelers place a stamp indicating the gold content, called a “hallmark”. To determine the content of a piece of jewelry, inspect the inside of a ring or the back of a pendant for the hallmark. If the hallmark reads 14K, it means the gold has a purity of 58.3% gold content.


Gold doesn’t rust or discolor, but wearing a non-gold ring may cause discoloration on your finger. Have you ever noticed a green ring around your finger after wearing a ring that you believed was pure gold? The discoloration on your finger will wash away, because the ring isn’t made of gold.

Ceramic Test

To determine if their items are genuine, some people perform a ceramic test by scraping their piece of jewelry across a piece of ceramic tile or plate. If it marks the plate/tile, it’s likely real gold as other metals won’t leave a similar mark

A tell-tale way to determine if you’re selling coins, bullion, or scrap gold is to find an expert to authenticate your piece. Pawn shops and jewelry stores have experts who can determine the purity of your gold before you sell it.

At Garden City Pawn in Garden City, MI, they can appraise your gold while you wait. If you are interested in selling bullion or selling bullion coins, they can get you cash in hand in minutes. Sell your items with confidence and get instant cash in hand.

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