We Buy Designer Handbags at Garden City Pawn

We Buy Designer handbags

We Buy Designer Handbags

Are you looking for a great deal on a pre-owned Handbag or are you looking to sell a Louis Vuitton?  Come down and see the team at Garden City Pawn, Michigan’s leading pawn broker. We Buy designer handbags and Sell accessories from top designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel and many more. We only buy quality, near new items that have been checked for authenticity with the @Entrupy app so you know you are buying a genuine product when you shop with us at Garden City Pawn.


We Buy Designer handbags

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Best designer bags for this summer

A designer handbag can be one of the most frequently used accessories in your wardrobe. Can the right bag also be a sound financial investment? Designer bags from Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada can fetch thousands of dollars on the re-sale market. But why buy just to sell? Shouldn’t you get a little use out of your bag first? Maybe show it off at the club or cocktail party. We Buy Designer Handbags & these are some of the bags that fashionistas will have under their arm this summer.  At Garden City Pawn We Buy Designer Handbags for the highest cash pay-outs available.

  1. The Classics

These are classic handbags that never go out of style. Year after year, these bags are always in demand and increase in asking price. These include:

  • Hermes Birkin
  • Chanel Classic Handbag
  • Dior’s Lady Dior
  1. Retro Revival

Everything old becomes new again. We Buy Designer Handbags & Retro revivals are a style that is coming back into fashion in a big way and designer bags are included. The ones to get this year are:

  • Prada’s Re-Edition 2000 mini bag
  • Fendi Baguette
  • Gucci’s Jackie 1961 Small Hobo Bag
  1. Mini Bags

Mini bags are perfect for the night out. Small and compact, these bags add volumes to an outfit. The ones to look out for this season are:

  • Jimmy Choo Bonbon bag
  • Marc Jacobs Hot Shot crossbody
  • Fendi Peekaboo.
  1. Belt Bags

Belt bags (or bum bags) are in vogue. From high profile athletes to red carpet celebrities, we’re seeing more and more belt bags. Some top designer belt bags are:

  • Louis Vuitton LV x LoL
  • Prada Cargo belt bag
  • Gucci Waist bag
  1. Totes

The ever practical and always fashionable Tote bag is the perfect bag for summer. Whether it’s lazy pool days sipping cocktails or shopping trips with the girls, totes are a must have and so are these brands:

  • Louis Vuitton Neverful
  • Gucci Horsebit tote
  • Alexander McQueen Tall Story Tote.

We Buy Designer handbags We Buy Designer handbags We Buy Designer handbags


How to spot a fake designer bag

Our team here at Garden City Pawn can spot a fake Gucci a mile away. We Buy Designer Handbags & we know what to look for when authenticating designer brands. Here are few tips to help you determine whether your Louis Vuitton is legit or fake.

  1. Stitching

Check the quality of the stitching, especially inside the bag. Authentic bags will have high quality, straight stitching. No pulled threads or frayed stitches. Fakes will often have poor quality stitching that comes apart.

  1. Zippers

Has the colour become dull or faded or even worn away? Then it’s a fake. A $2000 bag isn’t about to have a gold painted zipper that flakes away over time. A fake one will.

  1. Branding

Look at the embossed brand name on the bag. Fake ones are often faded, missing portions of a letter or not in a straight line. Another dead giveaway is spelling mistakes. You will be amazed how often we see “Doir” bags!


We Buy Designer Handbags at Garden City Pawn, Turn your handbag into cash by bringing it down to our experts. We pay top dollar on genuine, high-end designer handbags. Come visit us at 32555 Ford Road, Garden City. Or Text us anytime!   You will always get fast & friendly service at Metro Detroit’s highest paying Pawnbrokers.

We Buy Designer handbags

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We Buy Designer handbags We Buy Designer handbags We Buy Designer handbags


Stop by Anytime and meet the friendly Staff @ Garden City Pawn

Please call 734-525-0777, Text 734-525-0777 or Email with any questions. We are here 6 days a week & we make it easy!

Are you ready to work with an honest, friendly, and licensed pawnbroker? We buy Designer Handbags,  Therefore, We are the Pawn Shop of Choice when buying or Selling Designer & High End Handbags!

Please call 734-525-0777, Text 734.525.0777 or Email with any questions. We are here 6 days a week & we make it easy!

As Always Garden City Pawn will make the Highest and Best Cash offer we possibly can on every item that comes into our store. Don’t Hesitate to call or Text us anytime if you have something to sell or Pawn!  -Tom

We Buy Designer handbags

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  1. Barbara PAsternak says:

    What price range are we looking at with the bags you have on hand

  2. Amber Russell says:

    Do you buy designer COACH bags? What do they usually run? I have one that is large and burgundy and one that is a smaller, robin-s-egg-blue, crossbody COACH. Each are in impeccable shape because they-ve only been used once or twice. If one was $375 and the other $152, and you can verify they’re authentic, what price range are we looking at if I were to sell them to you?

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