What to Know Before You Pawn

We understand that you may be in need of some quick cash but we also know that you may worried about losing your items if you use a pawn loan?

Would you like to learn more about the pawn process before you commit to a pawn loan?

Pawning is a practical way to get cash fast when you’re in a short-term cash crunch. There’s no need to mess with credit cards or bug family & friends for cash. There is no risk of losing your items as long as you’re aware of how the pawn loan system works.

  1. Know how the loan process works – ask these questions:

  • How many days do I have to pick up my item/s?
  • Is there a grace period after the expiration date?
  • What happens if I default on a payment?
  • What are the interest rates?
  • Can I extend my pawn loan?
  • How can I extend my pawn loan?
  • Where and how can I make my payments?


  1. Be organized!

Are you typically someone who pays bills on time? Do you need constant reminders to remember to pay your bill? Stay on top of payments by setting a reminder on your phone. Keep your pawn loan information on hand so you can remind yourself of the terms and conditions on your loan.

At Garden City Pawn, we do everything we can to keep our customers informed about the status of their pawn loan. However, at the end of the day it’s your responsibility to pay off your balance and pick up your item.


  1. Put a payment plan in place!

Do you have a plan already in place to pay back your loan? If not, start planning ahead of time. Will your next paycheck cover the balance or are you saving cash weekly? The point is, you need a plan! Look at your current income and see where you can make adjustments to make your payment plan more comfortable.

Write down the dollar amount you need to pay and divide it by the number of pawn loan weeks. For example: If you have to repay $240 over 3 months that’s 12 weeks. That’s 240 ÷ 12= $20. If you make an effort to put aside $20 a week, you’ll pay your loan back on time!

Get the Best Value for Your Items at Garden City Pawn

If you’re curious about the value of your item or you’re unsure if you want to sell – bring it in and we’ll take a look at it. After a thorough check, we’ll tell you your item’s loan value and make you an offer & discuss your loan or sale options. If you have several items – save time and Send A Picture and description or TEXT US pictures of your items and we’ll give you a fast, free estimate!

If you have any questions, call 734-525-0777 today.

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